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The sporting world has opened up!! With the need of sporting enthusiasts to return to excitement and adventure and to enjoy the company of friends and family, it is awesome to know there is a one-stop resource for sporting needs.

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From football (NFL), basketball (NBA), soccer, tennis, baseball, softball, and athletic events, GOLDEN TICKETS is the way to go!!!

We are a certified and accredited Travel Agency and entertainment company focused on creating value, via quality resources that provide solutions to all your entertainment needs. The focus is client satisfaction through the creation of unique/special itineraries to suit individual needs and budget. From flights, hotel accommodations, sporting, religious, corporate and wedding events, we endeavor to meet and surpass our client expectations. For the cruising enthusiast, we offer cruising tours and adventure on the most prestigious/luxurious liners visiting a myriad of cruising destinations. NO HASSLE! If there is a way to get you there, we will!

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