I am Christopher Thompson

I am a manager and freelance writer living in Poughkeepsie, New York. I have a degree in Management Studies with concentration in Global Supply Chain Management.

I am doing reviews of businesses and providing editing services for students attending college. My purpose and focus will be to ably utilize my knowledge, experience and abilities to enhance/improve the management industry and others, as a vehicle to drive success. I have been writing for several years and love every minute of it. My interests include providing information on travel & wellness and presenting data in a factual manner.


Over 30+years’ experience in Management, inventory control, supply chain, procurement, and operations. Frequent contributor to Google Maps; Local Guide Level 6, assisting by providing information for users seeking to navigate local geographical areas. 5+ years editing college level papers and writing business reviews.

I was fully employed up until 6 years ago when an accident led me to rethink my trajectory in life to provide a different way of creating financial independence. This turn of event has led me to embrace my hobby of writing. Writing articles is fun and I believe I am an incredibly happy person doing this. I have decided to embrace a new direction to leverage/market my knowledge.

Currently I am taking a break from studies as I seek to bolster my finances to navigate the state of the global economy and move on to complete the MA Degree I am pursuing.


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