Crisis Management

Sustainable Agricultural Production: GMO’S vs Regenerative Practices.

Regenerative Agriculture (RA)  While the debate rages on the efficacy of GMOs to provide sustainable production in agriculture, many producers have chosen to embrace organic farming practices in addition to returning to regenerative methodologies to increase crop production. The wider production sectors have realized that the future of food production is much more than increased

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Statistical Analysis: Regression Models

Statistical Analysis for Forecasting: Regression Analysis The collection, storage, and analysis of information is critical for all businesses, providing real-time data on consumers, suppliers, and economic activities to support business functionality. Whether via enhancement of analytical tools or improved statistical know-how, data analysis is most imperative to determining a strategy to aid in decision-making, while

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GENETIC ENGINEERING ATTRIBUTION TO FACILITATE BIOSECURITY: Is AI Being Used in Genetics The use of GMO to drive robustness of species and sustainability in production is arguably the most debatable subject in Agriculture, healthcare, and bioweaponry. However, with the explosive use of Artificial Intelligence to enhance its effectiveness and provide catalytic morphism along genetic net


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

The SARS virus have taken hold on the virologic community, having transformed standard scientific application for the management of viruses to now seeing the implications for these organisms in the field of bio-weaponry.  The recent emergence of the COVID-19 SARS strain and the controversy surrounding its origins, must be examined in light of human efforts

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Problem-Solving Methodologies

Solving problems is continuous especially in manufacturing/service processes to ensure integrity, efficiency, and thus profitability. Today’s solution methodologies would not have been possible without the input of Charles Bicking. A pioneering statistician, Charles Bicking the 1967 Shewhart Medal Award winner, provided an initial basis for methodologies of problem-solving by addressing six graphic methods (Bicking, 1983).

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