Our company offer the following values at competitive market pricing for customers/users wishing to hire writing services. The applicable rates are determined on a case by case basis, with a guarantee of timely feedback and exceptional customer service. The requisite contact forms must be completed with a summary of the desired service/job to be performed along with credentials, telephone contact, and address. Further dialogue will determine timeliness in the completion of each project.

• Case Studies/Reviews: Clients wishing to tell their success stories to boost business credibility and extend brand reach as well as those clients wishing to advertise their business profiles.
Prices: Starts at $800 up to 1,500
$1,250-$2,000 for larger projects requiring in-depth research and extended timelines.

• Essays/College Paper Assistance: Writing simple essays; $35.00/500 words or $15.99 – $35.99/page per hour for scientific/academic writing work. The prices may reflect speed of requirements when time is of essence. For example: $25.99/page for expedited 10 days, $27.99 for 7 days, $29.99 for 5 days.

• Writing, Editing/Proofreading: $17.55 per page.

• Freelance Consultation: Projects for advanced studies/writing; $55 – $65/hour

Projects are completed using reputable sources and consist of the following features to exemplify the highest quality.
• Original content
• Extensive research and analysis
• Accurate referencing
• Logical Structure & consistency of flow
• Project-Specific formatting
Open for larger projects depending on availability.

"The heights of great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight' But they, while there companions slept, were toiling upward through the night"


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